Light Wave

    #physics #poets explain things  #node #anti node #wave #space is the thing that is moving #particle #quanta #religious experience #relative perspectives #the dog who caught the ball in the valley under the train #yin #yang #mu #equilibrium #conceptual organix #breath of life acts #I’m no machine #john connor #using tools #saturday afternoon groove... Continue Reading →

Visual Essay Cont’d

Following the rules of grammar is important, sure. I equate breaking grammar rules with breaking up with a significant other—There needs to be a reason you’re doing it. No one appreciates being ghosted or left in the dark.   The page is an open space for even our ugliest utterances to live in. I don’t... Continue Reading →

Hiccups and Obfuscations

  As a writer of odd things that settle into landscapes, frame subjects, or move around the page, I’ve had some common hiccups in the poem-ing process. The big one is  Unwanted Combinations In writing a poem that takes apart its words to display relevant patterns and shapes, the occasional bonus word shows up, being... Continue Reading →

Visual Essay Part V

To me, letters can be a mix of abstract or physical, active or static. Some defy gravity while others mimic a state referred to by a word. This basically constitutes an iconographic usage of a phonetic language, which creates still frames of forms through letter and word shapes, and more so through the patterns, similarities,... Continue Reading →

Visual Essay Part IV

Letters in English are only signifiers, which in no consistent way relate to their naturally occurring object, that which is referred to in the speech environment. Basically, a language doesn't say anything without its referents being tangible or experienced things. If an alien reads a Shakespeare poem about a leaf falling but has no idea... Continue Reading →

Visual Essay Part III

Is change a constant if it is always changing?   In writing we are using abstraction to communicate. We read tree and think of a tree but our thought isn’t linked directly to the referent, to the exact tree the author is so concerned with (and, we’ll assume, has dealt with directly). We think up... Continue Reading →

Visual Essay Part II

I like the evolving nature of letters and graphic language. What started as picture became a group of signifier shapes which becomes, well whatever's next. I read somewhere while gathering references for an undergraduate paper that the modern day M came from an Egyptian owl hieroglyph that carried the m sound. The shape also carried over... Continue Reading →

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