Visual Essay Cont’d

Following the rules of grammar is important, sure. I equate breaking grammar rules with breaking up with a significant other—There needs to be a reason you’re doing it. No one appreciates being ghosted or left in the dark.

A Corridor
Or else go the other way? Maybe?


The page is an open space for even our ugliest utterances to live in. I don’t see any reason to make it out to be more than that, or I suppose I mean to say that I don’t expect a poem to be beautiful while so much else is happening in the world. 

Lanky Crossroads
o o, the sign says it’ss that way.


What else is there to do but think radically? Who in their right minds would stay in between the lines when people are so far from happiness? I’m not content here, or with the way things have been, so my poems engage in destruction and beauty.

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